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General business conditions


I. Basic provision

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) regulating the process of concluding sales contracts between LTP – technika a díly, s.r.o. as seller and buyer, as well as relations arising from this contract. In cases, which exist between sellers and buyers revised terms, the latter will prevail.

Buyer placing an order confirmed, It is familiar with these terms and conditions. On these terms and conditions are adequately buyer prior to carrying out orders and has the opportunity to become acquainted with them.


Seller's LTP - technika a díly, s.r.o.

Radim 203, 28103, maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, insert 213303

ICO: 01990535, Tax: CZ01990535


Buyer is a consumer or entrepreneur.

consumer It is a natural person, that at the conclusion of the purchase contract with the seller is not in his commercial or other business activity or within independent exercise of their profession.

Consumers at the opening of business relationships passes only to the seller's contact information, necessary for the smooth execution of the order, or data, which wants to include the purchase documents.

The legal relationship of the seller and the consumer explicitly regulated by these GTC shall be governed by the provisions of Law No.. 89/2012 Sb. Civil Code and the Law 634/1992 Sb. Consumer Protection, both as amended, and corresponding regulations.

entrepreneur means:

The legal relationship of the seller and buyer, who is an entrepreneur, explicitly stipulated in these GBC or the contract between the seller and the buyer shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Act. C. 513/1991 Sb., Commercial Code, as amended, and corresponding regulations.
Individual contract with the seller the buyer is superior trading conditions.

II. Data security and protection

Seller claims, that all personal data are confidential, will only be used for the execution of the contract with the buyer and not otherwise disclosed, a third party,. with the exception of situations related to the distribution or payment relating to the goods ordered (communicating the name and delivery address). Personal data, which are provided by the buyer to the seller in order to fulfill orders, they are collected, processed and stored in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, especially the Law No.. 101/2000 Sb., Personal Data Protection, as amended. Purchaser gives his consent to the collection and processing of personal data for purposes of satisfying the subject concluded the purchase agreement, and until a written statement disagreeing with the workmanship. The buyer has the right to access his personal data and the right to correct them, including other legal rights to such data.

III. prices

LTP - technika a díly, s.r.o. It is subject to VAT. All prices are negotiable.

IV. Ordering

The purchase contract is accepting orders by buyer. By submitting an order the buyer confirms the binding nature of its orders and agrees GTC. If the buyer when the order is correctly filled email address, It will be delivered to her order confirmation. If you do not send information about your order does not arrive or a copy of the order to the specified e-mail address, as soon as possible to contact us.

Seller reserves the right to refuse any order possible and to 3 days of receipt. In case of doubt, the seller, or his representative, the right to contact the customer through data communicated during registration and is therefore in the interest of the buyer to enter this information honestly and conscientiously.

Relations and any disputes, arising under the contract, They will be solved solely by the applicable law of the Czech Republic and will be settled by the courts Czech Republic.

The contract is concluded in the Czech language. If there is a need for Buyer's translation of the text of the contract,, that in the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation of terms, the interpretation of the contract in Czech.

The contract seller is archived for its successful fulfillment and is not accessible to non-participating third parties. Information about individual technical steps leading to the conclusion of the contract are evident from these business conditions, where this process is clearly described. The buyer has the option before sending the order be checked and repaired, if necessary. These terms and conditions are displayed on the website and it is therefore possible to archive and reproduce buyer.

Cost of using means of distance communication (telephone, internet etc.) to place an order are the normal rate, dependent on the rate of telecommunication services, that the buyer uses.

The. Delivery time

Selling goods shipped on weekdays usually within 3 days, unless otherwise stated. Due to the immediate billing and subsequent dispatch of ordered goods, it is not possible to perform backordered, or. changes in the original order. Immediate processing of appeals to customers, wishing to receive the goods within three days. Shipments are shipped via GLS or TOPTRANS, s.r.o. Delivery time is governed by internal regulations.

For orders containing products, not in stock contractor extending the period of time of delivery from supplier 7 working days for maintaining the above conditions.
For orders containing products, which is less common or problematic and time dispatching will extend over 7 work days, This will provide information on the extension of the delivery deadline, the seller, by telephone or email (according contact data entered at registration).

WE. Method of delivery and payment of goods

The buyer has the option to choose the delivery of goods:

  1. Shipment to the Czech Republic or Slovakia by the transport company GLS or TOPTRANS, s.r.o.
  2. FEDEX abroad, UPS, TNT, GLS
  3. Personal collection (condition is the telephone arrangement in advance)
  4. Or choose another carrier

In the case of postal services or transport the goods will be delivered to the address given during registration (billing, possibly delivery). Delivery takes place on weekdays during normal business hours. Transport prices are determined by supply seller to the buyer.

VII. Withdrawal from the contract or from orders

Withdrawal from the contract is assessed individually. If the customer withdraws from the order and if the advance received, because it is a part nestornovatelný a non refundable deposit and this applies to costs associated with the replacement part and the deposit will not be refunded.

In the event that the seller recognizes, the goods were wrongly natypováno can immediately return the goods, but under conditions that will not be damaged, visibly soiled or used.

VIII. Payment Terms

The seller accepts the following payment terms:

a) slip with a payment on account (the possibility of payment in our post

b) COD

c) Bank transfer

The goods remain until full payment property of the seller.

IX. Warranty conditions

The warranty on the goods 6 months. For spare parts must be guaranteed for correct installation. hydraulic pumps, motors, etc. must be fully met before installing the proper hydraulic oil, hydraulic tank cleaned and replaced all hydraulic filters. The injection pumps must be filled after assembly with clean fuel and vented circuit. Fuel tank cleaned and replaced all the fuel filters. Please note, that the majority of injection elements are destroyed, use of wrong fuel (diesel) therefore, ensure cleanliness and quality of fuel, otherwise the warranty will not be recognized. The return of the claimed goods will be provided by the buyer and will be borne by the buyer.

X. Final Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions are valid and effective from 25.2.2017 and repeals the previous version of GTC. Seller reserves the right to change without notice GTC.